US Congressional Hearing: Donald Lu Dismisses Imran’s Accusation of Cipher as ‘Conspiracy Theory and Falsehood

Donald Lu

US Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu, during Wednesday’s testimony, labeled former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s accusations—central to the ‘cablegate’ cipher dispute—as a “conspiracy theory, falsehood, and outright lie.” Lu, whose alleged cautionary message to former Pakistani Ambassador to the US Asad Majeed sparked the cipher controversy, clarified that the leaked diplomatic cable didn’t implicate the US or himself in actions against Khan. He emphasized that the Pakistani ambassador confirmed no conspiracy existed.

Despite Lu’s assertions, hecklers disrupted his testimony, branding him a “liar” and chanting “Free Imran Khan.” Lu condemned the allegations, stressing the importance of respecting Pakistan’s sovereignty and democratic processes. He highlighted the significant toll the accusations took on his safety and family due to constant death threats.

Moreover, Lu denied US involvement in removing Khan from power or orchestrating a regime change. He also addressed concerns about press freedom and social media restrictions, emphasizing dialogue with the Pakistani government to address these issues.

Regarding the treatment of protesters and Khan’s imprisonment, Lu affirmed ongoing diplomatic efforts to ensure justice and fairness. He reiterated the US State Department’s scrutiny of Pakistan’s electoral process, stressing the need for transparent investigations into alleged fraud and interference.

In response to questions about Pakistan’s partnership in combating terrorism, Lu emphasized the nation’s significance as a major ally. However, he expressed reservations about Pakistan’s relationship with the Afghan Taliban, citing concerns about terrorist threats originating from Afghanistan.

Furthermore, Lu addressed inquiries about alleged Indian involvement in an assassination attempt on a Sikh dissident in the US, affirming the seriousness of the issue and urging India to hold those responsible accountable.

Throughout his testimony, Lu underscored the US commitment to promoting democracy, human rights, and transparency in its partnership with Pakistan while addressing challenges and concerns through diplomatic channels.

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